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PUCH Road Bike Restoration

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PUCH Road Bike Restoration
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This PUCH Road Bike Restoration is a Retro Bicycle dated around the 1990's. The Bike is completely stripped down, cleaned, restored and then rebuilt before taken out on the open road for a ride. This bike restoration is all in this one video.

This PUCH Cycle is an interesting project because it is believed that the world famous company Bianchi, around this time period built bike's for the PUCH brand.

The video covers a little bit about the history of the Puch brand, before the road bike is completely restored then taken out on the open road to ride again and to be enjoyed for many years to come. The restoration video also give's some hints and tips along the way to hopefully help you in your own bicycle restoration projects.

I hope that this video gives you some ideas, help and inspiration for your own projects. If you are new to the channel please have a look around with plenty we have many more Vintage Road Bike restorations and also Bicycle Maintenance videos to help a long the way.

Or why not visit our website full of hints and tips plus a catalogue of vintage road bike catalogue to give you reference and guidance with that Bike Restoration.

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