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Barbie Dollhouse Tour | Huge Wooden Dollhouse Renovation

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Hello! This is a barbie house I have renovated for my kids. The house was bought secondhand (having already been previously enjoyed for 2 generations)
It was originally built by a father for his daughters who sold it to a lady, who eventually sold it to us!

Exterior paint: Rustoleum Linen White
Roof paint: Dulux Duck Egg Blue
Window frames: Etsy store - https://etsy.me/2OCGSGP
Flooring: linoleum tiles adhered with liquid nails

Wicker chairs: vintage/thrifted
Lounge: handmade by me
Cushions: handmade by me
Lounge throw: vintage doily
Rug: ebay ‘mousepad’
Mini vases: vintage/thrifted
Wall shelf: vintage/thrifted
Tea sets: thrifted
Wall pictures: handmade by me
Small gallery pictures: ebay
Fireplace: handmade by me from picture frame
Television etc: vintage barbie

Table and kitchen counter/shelf unit: etsy shop- https://etsy.me/2gvk2zT
Stove: Maileg
Dog bed: barbie/mattel
Fridge: vintage barbie/mattel
High chair: maileg
Rug: ebay ‘mousepad’
Mini baskets: vintage/thrifted
Food on shelves: Coles ‘mini shop’ collectables, vintage barbie food, shopkins, canisters from ebay

Toilet, sink and bath set: Vintage Sindy doll furniture (found on ebay)
Wicker look shelves: vintage barbie furniture originally pink but sprayed white with Rustoleum 2x ultra cover white paint and clear coat
Washing machine: Maileg
Shelving accessories: coles minis, ebay miniatures, bratz and barbie accessories
Rugs: embroidered doilies

Girls Bedroom:
Rug: embroidered doily
Bed: Maileg
Wicker Table: vintage/thrifted
Wardrobe: vintage/thrifted
Dollhouse mini: hallmark ornament
Toy chest: vintage/thrifted
Pictures: handmade
Mirror: etsy store - https://etsy.me/307GZiy
Furniture on top of wardrobe is 1:12 scale
Mini rocking cot is 1:12 scale
Globe: ebay

Kelly sized beds (1:12) in lofts: etsy shop- https://etsy.me/2pZzrOO

Crib: etsy store- https://etsy.me/2gvk2zT
Bed: handmade
Bedside ‘shelf’: unknown doll furniture
White storage beside cot: vintage heart family furniture
Bouncer: Maileg
Hamper: vintage/ thrifted

Main bedroom:
Bed: etsy store- https://etsy.me/2gvk2zT
Dresser: vintage/thrifted
Stool: vintage barbie spray painted
Bedding: handmade pillows, hankie bedsheet
Phone: bratz doll phone with fluffy cover removed
Mini iphones: ebay
Mini plant: handmade with polymer clay
Vases: vintage/thrifted
Rug: ebay
Picture: handmade

Dog kennel: kmart playset

Other places to find me ✩
Shop: https://etsy.com/shop/littlebindy
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/johannaclough
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/johannaalyssa
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/littlebindy
Blog: http://johannaalyssa.blogspot.com.au


For business enquiries: johanna.clough@outlook.com


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